For my masters degree a colleague and I developed an application for the smart home of today and the future. It is based on presence detection and delivers context based interfaces for the user. This leads to a new way of interaction which is unique for every smart home and matches user needs in a simple and clever way.


I have been working on the User Experience, the interactions and of course the visual language of the whole application.

We developed an App called »home« which solves the problems of current smart home systems. It combines the variety of smart home tools into one application, the biggest problem of the current market is that every single piece of hardware has its very own piece of software. Therefor the user has to deal with many many Apps to control his home which results in a bad user experience and a lack of joy. With »home« we combine those technologies and give them one interface to work with.



At the beginning the user gets to know the App and vice versa. This is already one of the most important steps within the App because we want the user to feel comfortable and safe. The complexity level of a smart home is already pretty high, therefor we need to make the process of adding and removing items as simple as possible.


A simple onboarding process lets the user get in touch with the App and provides all information needed to have a quick start.


After a successful onboarding and getting to know process the user is already set up and ready to go.


He is able to control every single room and every single device inside this room. Furthermore he has the ability to trigger scenes to change the behavior of his home within seconds. Using beacons the user doesn't even have to choose the room first to change something, the App will recognize his location and show him the room with all devices inside to choose from. Still he has the ability to manually switch rooms and devices.


Controlling your smart home has never felt easier! Just use your voice, your smart phone, tablet or even your apple watch. The interaction principles behind the App are the same for all devices, keeping confusion low and simplicity high. The App has a centric design which means, that all important interface elements are within reach of your thumb for ease of use. This makes it easy for the user to recognize what is important and what's not.